5 Social Media Tips For Your Content Marketing Strategy

5 Social Media Tips For Your Content Marketing Strategy Picture Thumbnail

1. Embrace influencer marketing. 
Your organization needs to create its own network of influencers. If you need help doing that, […] call your local social media agency-and fast.

2. Draft a strategy.
"You need well-defined goals, a plan and resources to achieve them."

3. Dig deep into data.
Not only will it boost your numbers, but your own time will be better spent on creating the content that matters and statistically performs best.

4. Watch the platforms like a hawk.
Can your organization move nimbly in the ever-shifting social landscape? […] "If you don't have your finger on the pulse of social platform changes, you'll quickly get left behind,"

5. Consider social platforms as destinations in themselves, not distribution channels.
Content marketers need to become fluent in social, or at least make sure they're working closely with their shops' social teams.

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