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Virtual Connectivity

Tools to Make Sure Your Business is Virtually Connected:

Teleconferencing & Screensharing

Teleconferencing & Screensharing:

Available for online meetings, with the option to integrate the conference portal into your website.
Online Project Management Software

Online Project Management Software:

Manage and track your projects in real time.
Online Payment Portal

Online Payment Portal:

Integrated directly into your website for an easy payment solution.
Remote Time Tracking

Remote Time Tracking:

Monitor and track the time your team spends on different tasks.
Secure File Sharing:

Secure File Sharing:

Share & receive important files straight from your website.
Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring:

Monitor activity and set alerts on company devices to ensure efficient productivity and management.
Online Signatures

Online Signatures:

Save time & money by accepting secure online signatures from clients.

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